Lets Talk Engagement Rings

Lets Talk Rings

When picking the perfect Engagement ring diamond or even Cubic stone,
What shape to choose? What metal to pick? Silver, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold , White Gold or Platinum? 
Classic Round or maybe Square shape stone?
What shape will suit your hand? Do you think about the day to day wearing of this ring, If the ring will suit your everyday life. You would be surprised to know some Ladies pick there dream ring and then only ware it on special occasions as its setting is to high or fancy for her everyday life.
 The engagement ring and wedding band matching? this is 2 items that should fit snug together for a comfort fit.


Establish Your Budget

First thing you’ll need to do before you entering this process is establish a budget. It will help the jeweller show you options that are in your price range. 

You may have heard that a man is supposed to spend 2 months wages on an engagement ring. This is crap. Hoping to cash in on retuning GI’s itch to get hitched, this “rule” was invented whole cloth as part of a crafty ad campaign by the DeBeers company during the 1940’s. But there’s nothing romantic about all your savings on some rock.

If you want to propose, don’t delay because you can’t afford a better ring. The ring is supposed to be a symbol of your love, and what does it say about your love that you’re willing to postpone your marriage to buy a better rock? A humble ring will be a memory of that hard-scrabble time when you two were young. You can always get her a nicer ring  for an anniversary present somewhere down the line.

Look at Diamonds and diamond illusion rings that give of the effect of larger stones. 

Look at gold rings with cubic stones, also check the price of getting a design you like made to measure in the metal and stone of your preference. 

That's all the tips we have to offer for now, but please do not hesitate to message us for any other information you might need. 

We offer free quotes for bespoke made rings.